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Donald Trump Jr. Kills Elephant

Apparently Donald Trump has had [...]

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FDA vaping regulations are too soft on these vape dealers.

Video Description The Ecig or Vape industry is predatory at best. With fluid flavors such as cotton candy and gummy bear it is impossible to believe that they are not attempting to addict young people to [...]

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7 Stupid Sayings From A Recovery Meeting of Narcotics Anonymous | S01E03 – American Jesus Show

Video Description As a treatment for drug and alcohol addiction 12 Step fellowships like NA and AA have been proven fairly ineffective in the long term. I feel this has much to do with it [...]

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Jesus Hates Trump University | S01E02 – American Jesus Show

Video Description Donald Trump's little university is a huge trainwreck! He has ripped off over 5000 people and skipped down the road to the Trump bank to deposit his big fat Trump paycheck.  But for [...]

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Jesus loves Bernie Sanders | S01E01 – American Jesus Show

Video Description Like many of the candidates in the 2016 election, Bernie Sanders has been associated with a whole slew of slogans. From "Feel the Bern" to "Not for sale", I think there has been on [...]

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Jesus does not like Donald Trump

Video Description This is a first stab at the new video series coming out. American Jesus! In this episode he basically dances around and then has a few choice words for those thinking of voting [...]

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Ted Cruz reveals ingenious carpet bombing strategy.

WAR: Recently Texas Senator Ted Cruz has come under criticism for his remarks in regards to carpet bombing ISIS. When pressed about the civilian casualties that would likely come from such a strategy, he seemed to [...]

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GOP Candidates are courting killer media consultant Goseph Joebbels.

POLITICS: As the republican primaries steam forward, many candidates are courting a sexy new media consultant from across the pond. With an amazing track record of wins in both Germany and Italy, he has the [...]

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New polls showing ‘Genital Warts’ is moving up in GOP primary.

POLITICS: Recently the battle for a Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential election has a new player. 'Genital Warts', a dark horse candidate coming out of the south, seems to be the big topic of conversation [...]

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